What is sulfur hexachloride?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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SCl6 . this compound is not known. The compound SF6 sulfur hexafluoride is known- it is a gas under normal conditions.

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Q: What is sulfur hexachloride?
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What is the name for SCl6 chemical formula?

SCl4 is the chemical formula for sulfur tetrachloride.

What is SCI4?

SCl6 is sulfur hexachloride.

What is the formula for the covalent compound sulfur hexachloride?


Is sulfur hexachloride toxic if inhaled?

It is not toxic, extended inhalation can cause you to pass out if you do not have oxygen.

How many atoms of chlorine per atom of sulfur are implied by the name sulfur hexachloride?

No implication, just six atoms of chlorine to one atom of sulfur. Hex means six.

What is the compound name SeCl6?

Because it is covalently bonded and has only two elements, use the guidelines for naming binary molecular compounds. So you'll need to name the elements and use a prefix for each one to indicate the number of each. monoselenium hexachloride Allow the mono is considered implicit, so it is not needed. selenium hexachloride

Is sulfur hexachloride and sulfur dioxide the same thing?

No, they are two separate gases, with completely different properties. Sulfer Dioxide is found in things like car exhaust and contributes to things like acid rain. It's also used as a preservative for food. Its Chemical formula is SO2 Sulfur Hexachloride is another compound entirely. It is very hard to make and has few practical uses, outside of the chemists lab that is. Its Chemical Formula is SCl6

What is the formula sulfur hexachlorid?

Sulfur hexachloride is an inorganic compound consisting of two different elements. The prefix hexa indicates that there are six chloride atoms. Thus, the formula is SCl6. Note that this compound does not obey the octet rule.

What is B2Cl6?

Diboron Hexachloride

What is hydrogen hexachloride?

This material does not exist.

What is the formula for tribromine hexachloride?

I have not found this chemical compound.

What is the chemical formula for gold111 chloride?

Gold(III) chloride (gold trichloride, digold hexachloride) = Au2Cl6