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6.6 micrometers

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Q: What is the approximate skin depth of copper at 100Mhz?
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What is the approximate skin depth in copper at 200MHz?

0.201 mils or 5.11 µm.

Why does the skin effect in radio frequency caused?

Skin effect is the tendency of an alternating electric current (AC) to distribute itself within a conductor so that the current density near the surface of the conductor is greater than that at its core. That is, the electric current tends to flow at the "skin" of the conductor, at an average depth called the skin depth. The skin effect causes the effective resistance of the conductor to increase with the frequency of the current because much of the conductor does little. Skin effect is due to eddy currents set up by the AC current. At 60 Hz in copper, skin depth is about a centimetre. At high frequencies skin depth is much smaller.

Why skin depth is independent of frequency?

Skin depth is not independent of frequency. It is inverse proportional to the frequency.

Skin depth of pure water?

about 968 meters

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