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airpollution sis shibal gesekki

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Q: What is the cause of polluton on air?
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Is the ozone in the strtosphere is a form of air polluton?

No, it is not. The ozone in stratosphere is good ozone.

Does water polluton happen every day?

A: Sadly, yes, air pollution does happen everyday B: Air pollution does happen everyday and we may not know it.

How does bottled water create polluton?

by sucking dick

What condition of world about polluton know?

A: why is pollution a problem? B:pollution is a very big problem

What is pollution that comes from many different sources called?

polluton that comes from many different sources called

How molecules in the air cause air resistance?

How molecules in the air cause air resistance?

What is industrial polluton?

The automobile industry is not necessarily an attractive industry. In the United States, executive positions in the auto industry are waning

How many milliLiter of Air can cause Air embolism?

5 ml or more of air can cause air embolism.....It can travel through the circulatory system and cause air embolim....

Do hot air balloons cause air pollution?

Do hot air ballons cause air pollution

Is air pollution cause landslides?

no air pollution does not cause landslides

What are the most important factors causing land pollution?

factors causing land polluton are oilspills dumping of garbage greenhouse gases

Is gas particles in the air pressure?

Yes it Does Cause air Press it does cause air pressure.