What is the charge on stable ion of bismuth?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Bismuth is considered to be a poor metal having an atomic number of 83. The metal carries a charge of +3 . Bismuth has been in existence since ancient times.

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The valency of bismuth is 3

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Q: What is the charge on stable ion of bismuth?
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What is the charge on stable ion of iron?


How many electrons would fluorine have to gain or lose too become stable what will be the stable ion's charge?

Fluorine will gain one electron to form F- (or fluoride) ion. Fluoride ion has a charge of -1.

What is the charge on stable ion of neon?

Neon does not form any compounds or ions.

Which is stable azide ion or phosphide ion?

The phosphide ion is stable

Why is brown stain not a test for bismuth ion?

it is dark

The charge on a chloride ion in AICI3 is?

Each separate chlorine ion will have a charge of 1-. This is because chlorine has 7 valence electrons, so it needs one more electron to become stable.

Is an ion or atom more reactive?

Anything that is unstable is more reactive, and anything that is stable is less reactive. Since a charged ion requires energy to maintain its charge, it is LESS stable and thus MORE reactive.

What is the charge on the ion that selenium form ionic compound?

selenium has a -2 charge. when it forms a compound with another atom the charge of the compound should be zero unless it has a cahrge in its equation. when compounds form they try to be in the most stable state which is when all their valance elctrons are full which means the charge is zero.

When a Na atom loses one electron it gets a charge of what?

An electron has a charge of -1. When a Sodium (Na) atom loses one electron, it loses a negative and becomes a stable Sodium ion with a charge of +1.

What is the electric charge on the ion in the compound calcium oxide?

Well the charge on the compound would be stable (0) when bonded, because the Calcium has given it's electrons to the Oxygen atom. But the charge on the calcium ion itself would be 2+

What is the charge on the most stable ion of each of the following elements F Br?

F^-1 and Br^-1