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The most common compound between sodium and sulfur that does not contain other elements has the formula Na2S.

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Q: What is the chemical formula for sodium and sulfur?
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What is the chemical formula for sulfur pentachloride?

SCl 7 one sodium...7 chlorine

What is sulfur and sodium chloride?

Magnesium chloride(MgCl2 ) is a salt of magnesium. Sodium chloride(NaCl) is a salt of sodium.

Is sodium and sulfur ionic or covalent?

Sodium and sulfur together in a compound represents a ionic bonds, because sodium is a metal and sulfur is a non-metal. The chemical formula for this compound would Na2S, and its name would be sodium sulfide.

The formula for sodium sulfide is Na2s Explain what the formula means?

Sodium sulfide

What is chemical symbol s for what is s chemical symbol of?

S is the chemical formula for Sulfur.

What is the name for SCl6 chemical formula?

SCl4 is the chemical formula for sulfur tetrachloride.

What is the correct chemical formula for sulfur trioxide?

SO3 is the chemical formula for sulfur trioxide.

WHAT IS THE CHEMICAL FORMULA OF sulfur tetrafluoride?

The chemical formula for sulfur tetrafluoride is SF4.

What is the chemical formula for sodium chloride sodium?

The empirical formula of sodium chloride is NaCl.

Chemical formula for sodium hydrogencarbonate?

The answer is NaHCO3

What is Formula for sodium oxide reacting with sulfur dioxide?

Well, you have a metal oxide reacting with a non-metal oxide. They usually tend to have a synthesis reaction. In this case Sodium Oxide + Sulfur Dioxide = ? The products are therefor Sodium Sulfite Sodium Oxide + Sulfur Dioxide -> Sodium Sulfite The chemical equation is Na2O + SO2 -> Na2SO3

What is the name of SO2?

Sulfur dioxide SO2 (written with two capitals)