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The nitrate ion imparts no color to a solution.

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Nickel salts have various colors: blue, green, yellow,violet.

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Q: What is the color of lead nitrate solution?
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What is the color of lead II nitrate solution?

Its Colorless

What color is the solution lead ii nitrate?

Its Colorless

What is the color of lead if its make with nitrate?

Lead nitrate has no color. It's a whitish crystal; in solution it looks just like water.

What color does a lead nitrate and zinc solution turn into?

Lead nitrate is colorless, as are zinc ions. So it doesn't "turn into" any color.

What is the chemical reaction of a solution of lead nitrate is added to a solution of potassium sulfate?

Lead nitrate + potassium sulfate ---> Lead sulfate + Potassium nitrate

How do you separate lead nitrate from lead nitrate solution?

Evaporation will cause lead nitrate to precipitate as crystals.

What happenes when lead nitrate and water are combined?

A lead nitrate solution in water is formed.

Why do you prepare lead iodide from lead nitrate?

Pour a solution of Sodium(or Potassium) Iodide over Lead nitrate solution. The Lead iodide will be precipitated out as a yellow solid

What is lead nitrate?

It is a solution produced from adding metal lead and nitric acid to form lead nitrate and hydrogen

What salt solution does lead react with?

The salt solutions that lead react with are lead nitrate solution and sodium chloride. This reaction produces solid lead chloride, and leave soluble sodium nitrate in the solution.

What is color of Lead Nitrate?

Lead(II) nitrate, chemical formula Pb(NO3)2.It commonly occurs as a colourless crystal or white powder and is soluble in water giving a clear, colorless solution.

Lead nitrate is treated with potassium iodide solution?

A precipitate of Lead iodide and Potassium nitrate are formed