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It weakens it.

The most visible effect is the formation of rust that is composed by different iron oxides with different colors.

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Rusting. It is the producting of iron oxides.

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Q: What is the corrosion associated with ferrous metals commonly called?
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What is the white stuff that grows on metal?

It's most likely some kind of corrosion caused from oxidation (aka an oxide). For example, with iron (ferrous) based metals it's called iron oxide, commonly called "rust" and is a brownish-red color. On other metals, like aluminum, it is simply called aluminum oxide and is a whitish color. I *suspect* the "white stuff" is the corrosion of aluminum called "aluminum oxide". Could be wrong, but it's the simplest answer. Search Google Images for "aluminum oxide" and see if it's the same stuff. Happy corrosion hunting!

Is ferrous magnetic?

Generally, yes. The lay-man's translation of something that is ferrous is "it contains iron". Substances containing iron are commonly magnetic. One good example is black rust - called ferrous oxide. Careful, though, since red rust - called ferric oxide - is NOT magnetic.

Why are ferrous metals called ferrous metals?

from the latin for iron

What is a hawiian flower called?

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What island is circe from?

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How does oil have an effect on the corrosion of iron?

Oil coats the surface and excludes oxygen and water. Oxygen, particularly in the presence of water, reacts with iron and forms a mixture of hydrated ferric and ferrous oxides, which is called rust.

When a substance burns it reacts with a gas called?

Oxygen is the gas most commonly associated with burning.

When metal enters a chemical reaction what is it called?

The process called when metal is destroyed by a chemical reaction is called Corrosion. Electrochemical of oxidation of metals reacts with oxygen thus corrosion will occur on metals.

What are the 2 classes of metals?

groups 3-12 on the table are called transition metals Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra are all what is called alkali earth metals

What is the pigment containing iron called?


What is the ferrous metal called to make car bodies?

Mild Steel is a Ferrous Metal used for making Car and Fridge Bodies.

What do zinc blocks do on a oil rig?

To Fight Corrosion through a process called GALVANIC CORROSION