What is the evidence of wind?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is a trick question because it sounds hard but is actually very easy. The evidence of wind id the fact that you can feel it when it blows on your face, or by the fact that it turns things (I can't quite remember what they are called, they are colourful and you put them in the ground so they spin and look pretty). There is your answer. Simple, or what?!

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Q: What is the evidence of wind?
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Is there any evidence of wind on uranus?

There is evidence of wind on Uranus. Wind speeds on Uranus can reach 560 miles per hour, or 900 kilometers per hour.

Is there evidence of wind on Uranus?

yes there is

Does Saturn have any evidence of wind?


Is there evidence of wind on the planet of Jupiter?

There is evidence of wind on the planet Jupiter. Winds can reach speeds of 100 meters per second, or 360 kilometers per hour.

Do wind turbines help decrease health problems?

No, there is no evidence that wind farms will improve your health. They are neutral.

Where would be mostly likely to see evidence of wind erosion?

in a wall

Why is there little evidence of the heavy bombardment on earth?

Weather Most of the evidence has been eroded away by the action of wind and water.

Is there any evidence of wind on Jupiter?

Yes. Jupiter has very powerful winds.

Where do wind chimes originate from?

wind chimes originally came from Eastern & Southern Asia, Bali, Tibet and JapanWhat is believed to be the earliest evidence of the use of wind chimes was in Southeast Asia in the year 3000 BC

Are tornadoes found to be more prevalent near wind farms?

There is no evidence of a relationship between tornadoes and wind farms. However, wind farms are often built on open plains, and the central plains of the U.S. are a tornado prone region.

What evidence do you have to explain how the land on the Earth is arranged today?

Rains, strong wind, erosion, transformation by man, earthquakers.

What was the evidence left behind chief howling wind?

DNA, like blood and ear wax, was found and was confirmed to be NAtive Americans.