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Northwest to southeast

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Q: What is the general pattern of movement of weather in the united states?
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General weather movement of low-pressure centers across the united states is from?

West to east

What are winds generally responsible for the movement of weather across the United states and Canada?

The prevailing westerlies.

Winds generally responsible for the movement of weather across the United States and Canada?

prevailing winds

Weather predicting by animals?

General urban ledgend states that, when it is going to rain cows lie down.

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The transcendentalism movement was developed in the Eastern region of the United States during 1820s- 1840's for the purpose of protest of the general state of culture and society.

When scientists observe weather patterns in the US in which direction do they find these patterns generally move?

In general weather patterns move west to east, with the exception that weather patterns originating over the Caribbean move south to north up the east coast states.

Winter of 2014 weather?

The winter weather for the year 2014 can change and depend on where you live.Some states the winter weather can in the negatives and some states do not see winter.

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I would say all states. I live in Virginia, and we get all kinds of weather (rain, snow, sunshine). I'm pretty sure all states get weather.

What will the weather be like this fall?

The weather this fall in the United States will be mildly cool.

What is the weather for tomoorw?

The weather for tomorrow will vary amongst different countries and states. As of August 2014, the United States will experience summer-like weather conditions throughout most of the country.