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melting point for alcohols which are solids at room temperature? or freezing points of alcohols? Melting point for any solid is listed in melting point tables. See high school or college organic chemistry books or books with physical properties of materials (eg chem engineering books. Any reference librarian will point to the right book.

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The melting point of alcohol is -272 degrees F.

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Q: What is the melting point of alcohol?
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Melting point of alcohol?

64.7 °C

Which has a higher melting point Sodium Chloride or Ethyl Alcohol?

Sodium Chloride has a higher melting point because at room temperature it is a solid but Ethyl alcohol has already melted, as it is liquid.

Melting point of rubbing alcohol?

alcohol does freeze, but at a much lower temparture than water. It has a freezing point of -117 F, which is much colder than a conventional freezer.

What is melting point of alcohol only in celcius?

-114 Celsius (-173 Fahrenheit)

What is the melting point of t-octyl alcohol?

Thr freezing point of 1-octanol is -16 oC.

Liquid alcohol will change to vapor when its temperature reaches the A boiling point B fusing point C freezing point D melting point?

A given form of liquid alcohol will turn to vapor at its boiling point, which is different for each type of alcohol.

What do you call the temperature at which a solid changes to a liquid?

This is the melting point.

What substance has higher melting point silicon dioxide or methanol?

Silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide silica is the mineral quartz and is a giant molecule with a melting point of over 16000C. Methanol is a molecular compound (an alcohol) with a melting point of -980C

Which term is defined as the temperature at which a substance changes from a solid to a liquid state?

melting point

The temperature at which a solid melts is called?

melting point

What is difference between melting point and drop melting point?

No basic Difference between melting point and Drop point.

What becomes solid above the melting point?

assuming it is its own melting point NOTHING which is why its a MELTING point