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Q: What is the most common mafic rock?
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What is an example of a mafic rock?

Mafic rock is an example of igneous rock which is dominated by olivine, silicates pyroxene, mica, and amphibole. Common mafic rock samples are basalt and gabbro.

What is a mafic rock and what color is it?

A Mafic rock is a type of igneous rock that is rich in Iron and Magnesium instead of silica. The rocks are also darker in color like Basalt.

Which is more dense mafic or silicic rock?

Mafic rock is on average more dense.

What is a type of mafic phaneritic rock?

Gabbro is a type of mafic, phaneritic igneous rock.

Are olivine and pyroxene most likely to be found in felsic rock?

No. They are generally found inf mafic rock.

What is the dark colored igneous rock with rich in iron and magnesium?

These rocks are called mafic igneous rocks, such as basalt. == ==

Mafic mineral low or high density?

Mafic magma and rock are higher in density that felsic magma and rock.

What kind of mafic lava do composite volcanoes have?

Composite volcanoes usually do not erupt mafic material. Intermediate material is the most common. The mafic material they do erupt is usually basalt.

Does rhyolite have a more mafic composition than basalt?

Rhyolite is not a mafic rock, but a felsic rock, high in silicates, and similar to granite in composition.

Is basalt an example of a felsic rock?

No. Basalt is a mafic rock.

Is granite a mafic rock?

No. Granite is an intrusive felsic rock.

Do composite cone volcanoes have mafic lava?

They can. Composite volcanoes vary in what they erupt. Many composite volcanoes are composed of a mixture of mafic, felsic, and intermediate rock. However, in most cases intermediated or felsic rock predominates.