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silver oxide by IV. possible side effects. After mixed, is the solution normally grainey, with black speckels throughout??

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Q: What is the oxidation state of silver in Tollen's Solution?
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Chemical formula for silver chloride?

Silver almost always has an oxidation state of 1+ and Chlorine an oxidation state of 1-. Therefore, silver chloride has a simple formula of AgCl.

What is the ion for silver?

The silver ion is Ag+ and has the oxidation state of +1.

Why colour changes to pink when mohr's salt solution is added to potassium permanganate solution?

because Mn gets reduced form +7 oxidation state to +2 oxidation state and oxidizes Fe ions from +2 To +3 state and N in +2 state is colourless or of link colour

Why you use freshly prepared ferrous sulphate solution in detection of nitrogen?

Because in FeSO4, iron present in +2 oxidation state but the stable oxidation state is +3. The Fe(II) get oxidized into Fe(III) in ferrous sulfate solution that's why preparation of solution must necessary.

give the mechanism of Benedict solution?

It is a basic oxidation/reduction reaction whereby the reducing end of a reducing sugar reduces the oxidation state of an ion (typically metal ion such as Cu2+) to a lower state such as Cu+. This new oxidation state of copper is not soluable and will precipitate to the bottom of the solution. The color of the precipitate can also be an indicator of the concentration of the sugars.

What is the oxidation number of silver?

Silver metal, Ag has an oxidation number of 0. The most common oxidation state in compounds is +1 (as in AgCl) There are compounds such as AgO where the oxidation number is not +1 which actually contains Ag with +1 and +3

Oxidation state of chloride?

-2 oxidation state

Determine the oxidation state of KCIO2?

K = +1 oxidation state Cl = +3 oxidation state O = -2 oxidation state

What is the oxidation state of FeCI3?

Fe = +3 oxidation state Cl = -1 oxidation state

What is the oxidation state of oxygen in H2O2?

O = -2 oxidation state H = +1 oxidation state

What are the oxidation states in Mg2P2O7?

Mg = +2 oxidation state P = +5 oxidation state O = -2 oxidation state

What is the oxidation number of C?

It depends on what form it is in. It can be in the 4+ oxidation state, 4- oxidation state and every oxidation state in between.