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what is the physical and human features of baltimore?

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Q: What is the physical and human features of Baltimore?
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What are physical and human features of the west?

the physical and human features of the west? hmm........ i would say the physical and human features are mountains, valleys, plateaus, canyons, and basins

What is the difference between human and physical features?

The difference between physical and human features is that physical features are features created by nature, e.g. mountains, and the human features are the features that are man-made, such as architecture. In geographical features, I am not sure about child health, physical features describes the land. Human features describes the culture, homes, jobs, etc. of that area.

What is the difference between the physical features of a place and the human features of a place?

Physical environment: the complex of inanimate elements that surround an organism. Human environment: the physical, social, and economic components, conditions, and factors which interactively determine the state, condition, and quality of living conditions, employment, and health of those affected. Basically physical means the non-living elements that surrounds a living organism, and human is the influence of others.

Why natural features may or may not be changed into human features?

because if there will be no physical environment there will no human envirnment .

Human and physical features in mali?

the human features of mali is man made objects and rivers mountains

What are Cape Town's human and physical features?


What are the human and physical features of Tuvalu?

It is a volcanic island

What does it mean when they say physical and human features?

Physical features are features of the land. Example: Mountain ranges, deserts, forests, rivers, crops, landscapes, etc. I don't know about the human features, that's what I'm trying to figure out.

What is known as all the human and physical features that make a place unique?

In geography, there are two types of features, natural features and human features. Human features are anything that is built by humans (not something formed naturally). Housing areas and parks are examples of human features.

What are some physical features in Georgia?

human features are the things that we made. Like the statue of liberty

What kind of human characteristics does Mauritania have?

the physical features of maurituis

What is the study of the worlds physical features?

The study of the world's physical features is called geography. Geography also incorporates the affects of the atmosphere on the earth.