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Gneiss is a metamorphic rock which exhibits foliation (a layered effect). The layers of gneiss are alternating light and dark layers. Usually the lighter layers are rich in quartz and feldspar and the darker layers are rich in biotite mica, hornblende, or tourmaline.

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Q: What is the primary mineral of Gniess?
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Is gniess a mineral or a sedimentary igneous metamorphic rock?


What is gniess made of?

gniess is made of granite

Is gniess igneous or metamorphic?

Gniess is Metamorphic.

What kind of metamorphic rock has its mineral grains arranged in bands or planes?

Metamorphic rock with mineral grains arranaged in bands or lamellar planes are called foliated metamorphic rocks.

How is gniess is formed?

Gniess is formed from pre-existing rocks that are subjected intense derectional pressure.

Is gniess metamorphic?


What type of rock is gniess?

Gniess is mainly mined for use in construction--building slabs, countertops, stone facings.

Why gniess glitters?

because of the minerals that are mixed in with the gniess during the rock cycle(probably at the igneous stage) reflect light off of themselves

Gniess and slate are what kind of rock?


What does granite form into?

Granite turns into Gniess.

What is an example of metamorphic rocks?

gniess, slate, and quartzite

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