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Q: What is the thickness of the earths crust in miles?
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Which layer of the earths crust is 25 miles in thickness?

Continental crust can be 25 or more miles in thickness.

How thick is the earths continental crust in km?

70 miles in thickness

What is the thickness in miles of the earths crust?

Oceanic and continental combined is approximately 25 miles.

What is the thickness of the crust at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?

the earths crust is 25 miles beneath the continents and 6.5 miles beneath the ocean

What is the thickness of the crust of the earth?

the thickness of the Oceanic crust is about 5 miles. The Thickness of the continental crust is about 22 miles

What is the thickness of the crust in miles?

The average is 9 miles.The average continental crust thickness is 22 miles thick. The maximum crust thickness is 56 miles underneath the Himalayas, and is 16 miles thick at its thinnest in various places.The average oceanic crust is about 4 miles thick.For the entire Earth then, the average crust thickness is 9 miles.To scale size, the earths crust would be about the thickness of 3 ordinary sheets of paper on a basketball. The thickness of a chicken eggshell would be 16 pieces of paper on a basketball, so the earths crust is 5 times thinner than a typical egg shell. And the crust is only as thick as the egg shell at its maximum thickness underneath Nepal.Sleep tight.

What is the thickness of an earth layer?

the crust is the thickness of earths layers

The crust is only what of earths thickness?

half of earths layer

What is the thickness of the earths crust?

20000 killomiters

How does the thickness of the earths crust vary?


What is the thickness of earths crust?

The Earth's crust averages about 18 miles (30 kilometers) thick under the continents, but is only about 3 miles thick under the oceans.

Earths crust the same density and thickness throughout?

falseThe Earth's crust is quite variable in density and thickness. Some places on the ocean floors it is many miles thinner than on land.

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