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tropical; hot, humid; more moderate in highlands

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The weather in Venezuela has many variations and changes because it is near the equator. Venezuela's climate can be classified into four temperate zone.

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The Climate is like a humid Tropical to alpine. It is also rainy and windy. !

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79 degrees F.

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Q: What is the weather in Venezuela?
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What is the weather like in Venezuela during the winter?

the weather in the winter is very dry and warm

What kind of weather does Venezuela have?

Venezuela typically has very warm and sub-tropical type weather. They usually have days that range from 60 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the weather typically like in Venezuela during the winter?

the weather in the winter is very dry and warm

What is the weather like in Venezuela?

very rainy and sometimes dry

How is the weather in Venezuela during Christmas?

it is sunny and partly cloudly

What type of climate does Caracas Venezuela have?

It has a very hot hot hot weather

Any Venezuela unusual weather conditions?

In Venezuela, there are consistent lightning storms, which have been occurring for hundreds of years. Earthquakes and droughts are also possible.

How is Venezuela's climate?

Venezula is a tropical rain forest with volcanoes. This means that it is a warm and or hot weather.

How does the way in which people live affect the environment of Barcelona Venezuela?

People live harsh because of the weather...

What is the weather and climate like over time in Venezuela?

it varys about where or what time i the year it is. But scientests have made data and it once agin varys.

When is the best time to visit Venezuela?

December-April, when the weather is at its driest and average temperatures range from daytime highs of 75-81.

What are the good points about Venezuela?

One noteworthy point or better said, a worthy cause associated with Venezuela is their agreement to help people in the USA receive heating oil at a discount. Patrick Kennedy announced that Citgo Oil and Venezuela have agreed to help people obtain heating oil for cold weather relief.