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Tropical Wet and dry is a place that is hot all year with rainy and dry seasons. It is grassland with some trees. It has animals like giraffes Lions and Zebras! Like the Savanna!! :)

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Wetting and drying causes clay minerals to expand and contract. Salts may dissolve and re precipitate during this process. An unusual texture called tafoni may occur.

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Q: What is wetting and drying in geology?
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What is wetting and drying in science?

Wetting: adding a liquid to a solid or gaseous material Drying: deleting a liquid from a solid or gaseous material

What are examples of wetting and drying?

Wetting: humidification of conditioned air, humidification of clothes during a rain, etc. Drying: deleting water from humid sand, deleting water from humid dishes, etc.

Is wetting and drying a part of mechanical weathering or chemical weathering?


What is the vocabulary word for constant swelling and shrinking makes rocks crack?

Wetting and drying. (: -Isis

What type of weathering involves the decomposition of rock as minerals react with substances such as oxgenwater and acids?

Hydrolisis,freeze-thaw, chemical weathering, wetting and drying, etc

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How do freezing thawing wetting and drying contribute to soil creep?

Freezing/Thawing - Water in the soil freezing creates ice crystals that push the soil particles outwards, causing what is called "heave." When the ice crystals thaw, the soil flows don the slope due to gravity. Wetting/Drying - Heavy rainfall causes an increase to the moisture in the soil, which increases the volume and weight of the soil. This allows the soil to move down the slope under the influence of gravity. When the soil, especially clay, dries out, the soil contracts.

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