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leaward winds

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a land breeze

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land breeze

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Q: What is wind blowing towards land?
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Is an easterly wind a wind coming from the east or a wind blowing towards the east?

coming from the east.

What swing do you swing when a tennis ball with the wind blowing towards you?

a backhand

What is the wind blowing from west towards the east called?

west east

What is the leeward coast?

For sailing ships near land the direction of the wind is important. If the wind is blowing towards the land that is the windward coast, and if blowing off the land and out to sea, that is the leeward coast. In strong winds, ships and boats will sometimes shelter close inshore so the land offers some protection - this sheltered area is called a lee. It's effectiveley like getting out of the wind by standing behind a wall

What is the definition of the word land breeze?

Wind blowing in the direction of the sea from land

What do you call a wind blowing from the sea to land?

A sea breeze.

Does the name of the wind tell where the wind is coming from or where its going to?

Where it's coming from. A Nor'easter, for example, is blowing towards the southwest.

What is called the wind blowing from the sea to the land during the day?

When the wind blows off the land at the seaside

What is prevailing wind direction in Leeward Islands Caribbean in December?

The prevailing wind is blowing directly towards the islands. This means that they are in the Lee of the wind.

Where are the trade winds?

a wind blowing steadily towards the equator is called trade winds

What is a phrase using wind?

"The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind."

Is the The wind blowing the topsoil from a freshly plowed piece of land an example of erosion?