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How often do meteorites hit Earth

The adjustments of materials that follow a major earthquake often generate smaller earthquakes called

Most earthquakes are produced by the rapid release of which kind of energy stored in rock subjected to great forces

What does an earthquake's magnitude measure

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Q: What is wind caused etching or pitting of rock surfaces is termed?
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When inflammation is caused by a pathogen it is termed?

Inflammation caused by a pathogen is often termed microbial infection. The signs of inflammation include swelling, redness, pain, and a fever.

What is ment by ozone hole?

The thinning of ozone layer is termed as ozone hole. It is caused by CFC's.

Can a chiari malformation be caused by a ganglioglioma?

No. This condition would be termed tonsillar herniation secondary to ganglioglioma.

What causes a protein to change shape?

When a protein changes shape it is termed as being denatured; which is caused by heat.

What is the medical term for hospital caused anemia?

Hospital caused anemia may be termed iatrogenic anemia or nosocomial anemia. It results from too many blood draws.

The force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching each other?

Any force which opposes the relative motion between two surfaces is known to be FRICTION. The same friction is named or termed as viscous force in case of liquid layers which are relatively in motion.

What is the Medical term for the cause?

Hospital caused anemia may be termed iatrogenic anemia or nosocomial anemia. It results from too many blood draws.

What is obsidian?

It is a usually black or banded, hard volcanic glass that displays shiny, curved surfaces when fractured and is formed by very rapid cooling of lava. The curved fracture surfaces are more correctly termed conchoidal fractures and the "glass" is said to have a "vitreous" texture as the material cools so rapidly that crystals do not have time to form.

What is daybreak sometimes termed?

Daybreak is sometimes termed 'dawn'.

A hot and wet climate causes wethering to take place?

Definitely yes,as a result of alternate wetting and drying caused by changes in the climate from wet to dry,there would be a contineous expansion and contraction of rocks due to swelling during precipitation when water is absorbed,and shrinking when rock surfaces get dried.This activity weakens rocks and other landforms,then they begin to crack and there surfaces pills off.This process is termed "Exfoliation",the weathered particles are called "Scree" and they result to "Tallus Slopes" beneath rocks and other landforms.

Why are earthquakes tsunamis and landslides classified as natural disasters what causes them?

These are termed as natural disasters as they are caused due to the movement of tectonic plates and not through human activities.

Who is termed as the soccer player of the century?

Pele was termed as the player of the century

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