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Q: What kind of rock is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone and starts with ma and ends with a e and is 6 letters long?
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Why does limestone often form cliffs in dry climates but rarely form cliffs in wet climates?

This is because in the wet climates the limestone will break apart due to the rain. And in dry climates it does nothing to the limestone. Therefore, this is why limestone can form cliffs in dry climates than wet climates.

What types of sedimentary rocks are formed from the remains of dead organisms?

Biosedimentary rocks (i.e. Biologically formed sedimentary rocks). Eg Coal.

What is the metamorphic grade of marble?

Marble is classified as a metamorphic rock. 'Metamorphic' means that the rock has undergone a change in from. In the case of marble, it starts out as some kind of sedimentary carbonate rock (sedimentary rocks are formed by sediments and remains of plant life, etc. that have been compacted together over time) and then that rock material is transformed by a combination of heat and pressure to become marble. The changes may be a development of a chrystalline formation, or a texture or color change. Sometimes the metamorphic changes in rock may include the involvement of minerals, in additon to the heat and pressure combination. Different minerals cause the different color varieties of marble that are available.

What are the steps of the rock cycle if it starts with Sedimentary rock is pulled into Earth's interior by tectonic forces?

heat and pressure change the sedimentary rock into metamorphic rock

How can one rock type change into another?

The rock cycle is the natural process in which rocks transform from one rock type into another rock type over time, a type of natural recycling.Igneous rocks, which are formed from magma cooling underground, or lava above ground are formed from previous igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary rocks which have become melted, usually as a result of plate collision and subduction.------->When these igneous rocks are exposed to weathering and erosion, they break down into smaller particles that are transported by wind and water to a place of deposition, where they can form into sedimentary rock strata, through a process of lithification, where excess water is squeezed out by overburden pressures and the particles are cemented together by various minerals precipitating out of solution. Igneous and metamorphic rocks can both be turned into sedimentary rocks in this way.------->Igneous and sedimentary rocks can also be changed by heat and/or pressure into metamorphic rocks, by transforming their existing mineral structures into new minerals or realigning the existing minerals. There are different degrees of metamorphism, so even an existing metamorphic rock can become a different metamorphic rock. -------->If these metamorphic rocks are melted, then solidify, they become igneous rocks, and the cycle starts all over again.

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What are facts about metamorphic rock?

Metamorphic rocks are formed by pressure and heat. You can tell them apart by their texture. The 2 categories of texture are foliated or non-foliated. Foliation refers to the layering and alignment of the rocks crystals. Metamorphic rocks are also identified by looking at its mineral composition. For instance Quartzite is identified by its quartz sand grains.

What are some properties of metamorphic rocks?

made with heat and pressureis formed undergroundigneous and sedimentary rocks can change into metamorphic rockoften chips into slates, sheets, and slabsgneiss is a type of metamorphic rock

How do underground limestone carverns form?

it rains and sinks into limestone and over to starts to corrode at the vulnerable limestone

What is a metamorphic rock that starts with n?

One metamorphic rock that starts with "n" is the rock called "gneiss." Gneiss is formed from the alteration of pre-existing rocks, such as granite or sedimentary rocks, through intense heat and pressure. It is characterized by its banded or foliated appearance and can have various mineral compositions.

How would a metamorphic rock become into a new metamorphic rock?

It breaks down and the cycle starts again

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Can you give me an metamorphic acrostic poem?

MADE FROM SEDIMENTARY OR IGNEOUSExample of a metamorphic rock is marbleThe layering in metamorphic is calledfoliationA metamorphic rock starts as igneous or sedimentaryMade from intense heat and pressure from tectonic shiftingOther minerals may be found hereRockPHIC

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