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good soil

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Q: What kind of soil does Jasper AL have?
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How many miles to Pensacola FL from Jasper AL?

How many miles to Pensacola FL from Jasper AL?

When was Jasper al founded?

Jasper, Alabama was founded in 1815.

Are there any hotels in Jasper AL?

Yes, if you count motels, there are hotels in Jasper Alabama Or, if you mean Jasper Alberta there are several

What is xyloid jasper?

Xyloid jasper is a kind of petrified wood, consisting mostly of jasper.

What city is halfway between Memphis TN and Atlanta GA?

Carbon Hill, AL

What is the halfway point from Memphis Tennessee and Atlanta Georgia?

Jasper, AL

What is closest airport to Jasper AL?

The closest major airport to Jasper, Alabama is Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM / KBHM). This airport is in Birmingham, Alabama and is about 45 driving miles from the center of Jasper, AL.

What is the best way to get from Birmingham Alabama to Jasper Alabama?

To get from Birmingham, AL, to Jasper, AL, you need to be on Interstate 20 East. Get off on the Arkadelphia Road exit (Highway 78). The straightest shot from BHM to Jasper is on highway 78. The QUICKEST way is to take highway 78 from Arkadelphia to Graysville, then get onto Corridor X (future interstate 22) to Jasper.

What kind of wood jasper's leg is made of?


What is Raw soil?

A type of soil that is kind of purplish. A type of soil that is kind of purplish.

How far is it from Jasper Al to the Tennessee line down highway 65?

It's about 100 miles.

How many miles is it from Houston TX to Jasper AL?

It is estimated about 669 miles from Houston, Texas to Jasper, Alabama. Driving would probably take about 10 hours and 41 minutes.