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You don't prepare supplied during a tornado; there isn't enough time. If a tornado is approaching your location, take cover immediately.

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Q: What kind of supplies should you prepare during a tornado?
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Why should you prepare for a tornado?

If you are prepared with a plan of where to go and emergency supplies you will be less likely to be killed or injured during a tornado and may go through less of an ordeal afterwards.

How can I prepare for a tornado disaster?

It is always better to plan ahead for disasters.To prepare for a tornado you should get a list of items provided by your local area disaster center to make sure your ready for a tornado and other disasters.

Where should you go for shelter during a tornado?

Generally the basement and the bathroom are the safest places to go during a tornado.

What should you have with you during a tornado?

have your go bag with you

If there is a tornado watch what should you do to prepare for one?

A tornado watch is not cause for too much concern. But if one is issued be on the lookout for if a tornado warning is issued. If you get a tornado warning you should head to your basement or storm cellar or, if you don't have that, an interior room or hallway away from windows.

Where should you go during a tornado and where should you avoid?

Areas to avoid during a tornado include:anyplace outsidenear windowsin a doorwaynear anything that can fall on youPlaces you can go during a tornado include:cellar, basementstorm cellarstorm shelter, such as in a schoolan innermost room or hallway in the center of a building

Where in a mobile home can you be safe from a tornado?

You should not be in a mobile home if there is a tornado coming. Mobile homes are very susceptible to tornado damage and should be abandoned for sturdier shelter during a tornado warning.

Where should you go outside when a tornado occurs?

You should not even need to go outside during a tornado. Let's say you forgot something outside and a tornado is there. Should you go out? NO! Because it is very scary to go outside during a tornado. But you should gather your family together, and then go in a basement or closet. Try to keep safe.

Should school doors be closed during a tornado?


What should you include in an emergency or how should you prepare for a tornado?

Tornadoes don't stay around long, so the critical thing is to find an interior room (closet, bathroom) to stay in as it passes by. Many of the midwest farmers had a storm cellar to stay in. Water, snacks, medical supplies and medicines are good to keep with you.

Why should a flag not be flown during a thunderstorm and tornado?

It will ruin our flag

Why do you have to prepare for any type of weather?

so that you could be safe for any kind of uncoming weather like a tornado for example if u have a tornado coming you have to get in a a safe area or underground or in a safe spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)