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Q: What layer of the earth is 4400-6100 degrees Celsius?
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Is the outer layer of the earth the coolest layer?

the outer layer of the Earth is the coolest layer and the core is the hottest at 5500 degrees Celsius.

What layer of earth exceeds6000 degrees celsius?

The inner core of the Earth exceeds 6000 degrees Celsius. It is the deepest layer, located at the center of the Earth, and consists primarily of solid iron and nickel. The extreme heat in this region is due to the immense pressure generated by the weight of the layers above it.

How cold is the mesosphere?

The mesosphere is the 3rd layer of Earth's atmosphere and can be the coldest part of Earth's atmosphere. The top part of the mesosphere can get up to -90 degrees celsius (-130 degrees Fahrenheit).

Which layer of the atmosphere has temperatures from -50 degrees Celsius up to 0 degrees Celsius?

It's the stratosphere.

What layer of the earth is 3000 Celsius?

It is the mantle

What layer of the atmosphere can reach 2000 degrees Celsius?

The Thermosphere

the top layer temperature of mantle?

900 degrees celsius

What is the range of the depth of the asthenosphere?

The asthenosphere is the lower portion of the Earth's mantle. Its temperature ranges from 1000 degrees Celsius to 2500 degrees Celsius.

What is the warmest layer in the atmosphere?

The warmest layer of the atmosphere is the Thermosphere

What are the layers that make up Earth Write a sentence about each one?

There are four layers that make up the Earth. The innermost layer is known as the inner core, and is known to consist of a molten iron-nickel alloy with a temperature of around 5400 degrees Celsius. The second layer is known as the outer core, which consists of iron and nickel and holds a temperature of around 4400 degrees Celsius. The third layer is known as the mantle, which is the largest layer of them all and constitutes around 84% of the Earths total volume. The mantle is largely solid rock. The fourth and final layer is known as the crust, and is the outermost layer of the earth. This is the layer we live on.

What is the estimated temperature of the innermost layer of the earth?

5430 degrees Celsius. ================== It is believed to have a temperature similar to the Sun's surface, approximately 5778 K (5505 °C).

What is the altitude of the coldest place in the atmosphere?

The coldest layer of the Earth's atmosphere is the Mesosphere. At an altitude of 31 miles up to, 53 miles (85 km) from the surface of the Earth. Its temperature ranges from 5 degrees fahrenheit to -184 degrees fahrenheit. Or in terms of Celsius -15 degrees to -120 degrees.