What made troposphere special?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Troposphere is the layer of the atmosphere nearest to the earth or layer that surrounds the earth. It is this layer that most of the essential gases that man needs for survival concentrated. Most of the weasther phenomenon takes place at this layer. Without this layer, there will be extermination of mankind

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Q: What made troposphere special?
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Why are clouds at the top of the troposphere made up of ice crystals rather than?

the troposphere is made up of ice crystals because the clouds are made up of water droplets and so they turn into crystals.

What part of the troposphere is the hottest?

well the troposphere is made up of different layers and the hottest part is the centre which is also known as the astehenosphere

What are the two human made objects found in the troposphere?


What is tropospherer made of?

The troposphere is made up of mostly nitrogen, oxygen, and other trace gases.

Why is troposphere composed of water vapor?

cuz God made it that way

Which atmospheric layer is closest to the earths crust?

troposphere troposphere

Is there life in the troposphere?

Yes, the Troposphere is where life is in the Atmosphere! We live in the Troposphere!

How do we know if were in the troposphere?

the troposphere is where people live and the troposphere is the west atmosphere

What is the layer of the atmosphere where you live in called?

The layer of the atmosphere where we live and breathe is called the troposphere

How do you use troposphere in a complete sentence?

We live in the troposphere. The troposphere is under the stratosphere.

What layer of the atmosphere is where most weather takes place?

The troposphere

Do you live on or in the troposphere?

I believe we live in the troposphere:)