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A storm consist of thunder and wind. somtimes there is rain and lighting. but there is always thunder during a storm

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Q: What makes a storm?
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What makes a tropical storm?

== ==

What is the study of tornadoes called?

Meteorologists and storm spotters and storm chasers study tornadoes, which makes it the study of Meteorology.

What is the Metal Storm?

A company that makes special guns for defense

What makes duststorms happen?

dust ...... you can figure that out by looking in storm

Are all makes of cars equally safe for a lightning storm?

Not all makes of cars equally safe for a lightning storm. Some cars are build with more protection this way.

What happens when a hurricane makes landfall?

The maximum storm surge occurs on the side of the storm where winds blow towards the shore. Soon afterwards the storm weakens rapidly.

What is the speed that makes a storm a hurricane?

90 miles per hour

After leaving Calypso's island Odysseus is in a terrible storm He makes a wish during the storm Which Greek value is shown in his wish?


What storm forms when funnel clouds poke through the bottom of a cumulonimbus cloud and makes contact with the ground?

Such a storm is called a tornado.

How do storm surges relate to cyclones?

Cyclones, particularly hurricanes and typhoons, create a bulge on the surface of water with their winds. This storm surge can cause heavy coastal flooding if the storm makes landfall.

What makes a storm a storm?

If you are just talking about a thunderstorm, and not a tornado or hurricane, then it would be strong winds, thunder, lightning, and usually rain. A regular storm includes rain and wind, if nothing else.

WhAT TYPE of storm makes tornadoes?

A Supercell, which is a type of strong rotating thunderstorm.

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