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air and rockair and rock

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Q: What natural material is found under every suface on the earth?
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Does natural gas come from the earth?

yes natural gas does come from the earth (very true in every situation);

Can the natural disasters affect Africa in the future?

Sure. Natural disasters can affect every place of the Earth.

Is paper a nature material?

Paper is considered a natural material because it is made from something found in nature, a tree. It is also a natural resource because it is something that most of us need and use every day.

Where did the natural resources for Ethiopia come from?

By definition, natural resources are taken from the earth and turned into money. Therefore, every natural resource for Ethiopia came from Ethiopia.

How material controls heredity in almost every living thing on earth?

it contols it because of the oxygen that we have and the fresh air

Which is the most accurate description of gravity?

A natural force of attraction exerted by the Earth upon objects that pulls the objects towards Earth's center

What is the moons history?

Billions of year ago, when the Earth was still molten, a Mars-sized object collided with Earth ejecting material into orbit. This material coalesced to form the Moon. The Moon was once much closer to the Earth, but due to the tidal bulges of the Earth and Moon, the Moon moves farther away (about 1.5 inches) every year.

Are giraffes a harm to the earth?

No, giraffes do not harm the Earth. No species in its proper ecosystem is harmful to the Earth as a whole. Rather, every species in its natural ecosystem helps to support the ecosystem. The only exception to that rule is humans.

Where in the universe is the moon?

"moon" is the term given to earth's natural satellite, most every planet has satellites that could be called moons

What rises and sets because earth spins on an axis?

Every natural object in the sky ... sun, moon, stars, planets, etc.

What natural resources does Germany export?

the export coal and lignite to the USA, in Canada they send potash, construction material and everything else to every other country.

Is every integer a natural?

No, but every natural is an integer. Only the positive integers and 0 are natural numbers.