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Nitrogen (N) has 7 electrons in total. 2 in its first orbit and 5 in its second orbit (only has two orbits because it is in the second period of the Periodic Table). For a full, outer shell/orbit (8 electrons), it needs 3 more electrons.

5+3 = 8

Nitrogen has a charge of 3- which means it needs 3more electrons. If you add how many electrons it has gainedto the total number of electrons Nitrogen has (7) then you will find the element it is isoelectronic with.

7+3 = 10

Now find the element with 10 electrons (# of electrons = # of protons & # of protons = the atomic number of an element).

Neon (Ne) on the periodic table has an atomic number of 10 so therefore, Ne/Neon is the isoelectronic atom with Nitrogen.

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Q: What neutral atom is isoelectronic with nitrogen?
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Which neutral atom is isoelectronic with Rubidium?


Is nitrogen an neutral atom or an ion?

Neutral atom. An atom of nitrogen will also be an isotope of nitrogen.

Is Cl isoelectronic with a noble gas?

Not a neutral Cl atom but the chloride ion Cl- is isoelectronic with the noble gas argon.

How many protons would you expect to find in neutral nitrogen atom?

A neutral nitrogen atom has 7 protons. This is because nitrogen has an atomic number of 7 and each atom has the same number of protons as its atomic number. Therefore a neutral nitrogen atom would have 7 protons.

Are Cs and Xe ions isoelectronic?

The ion Cs+ is isoeletronic with the neutral atom of xenon (54 electrons).

A particle of matter contains of 6 protons 7 neutrons and 6 electrons This particle must be a A neutral carbon atom B neutral nitrogen atom C neutral oxygen atom D neutral potassium atom?

A. neutral carbon atom

Which atom is isoelectronic with sodium ion?

Neon is isoelectronic with the sodium ion.

How many neutrons are in a neutral atom of nitrogen-14?

no electrons

In diatomic nitrogen how many electrons are shared between the nitrogen atoms?

A neutral nitrogen atom has seven electrons.

Does nitrogen have no charge?

The neutral nitrogen atom and the neutral nitrogen molecule has no net charge because they are made up of equal numbers of positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. If the nitrogen atom or molecule gains or looses and electron it becomes a positively or negatively charged ion.

What is a brief passage describing a neutral atom of nitrogen-14 (N-14). how the terms atomic?

Nitrogen-14 atom has 7 neutrons and protons.

What atom has 7 electrons and no charge?

A neutral nitrogen atom has 7 protons and 7 electrons, and has no charge.