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Q: What plants are sensitive to sulfur dioxide?
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Are plants less susceptible to ozone and sulfur dioxide than humans?

Plants are less susceptible to ozone and sulfur dioxide. It is because they have a filtering mechanism.

Can sulfur dioxide be found in power plants refineries and industrial boilers.?

Sulfur dioxide is released from the burning of fossil fuels.

Name two polluting gases which are not released by nuclear power plants?

Carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide

What does sulfur dioxide indicate about a volcano?

Sulfur dioxide can indicate many things. For one example, if the smell and amount of sulfur is strong amongst the humans, animals or plants there is more of a chance of a volcano erupting, but if the sulfur is not so heavy amongst the people animals and plants, then it is less likely for the volcano to erupt.

What are three main types of air pollutants produced by electrical power plants in US?

1. Carbine Dioxide 2. Sulfur Dioxide 3. Nitrogen Oxide

What is the chemical compound name for SO2?

If it is bonded to a metal, then it is a polyatomic ion, sulfite If it is alone, then it is sulfur dioxide

What is two thirds of the sulfur dioxide that pollutes the air produced by?

Electric power plants

Is sulfur dioxide amphoteric?

No. Sulfur dioxide is acidic.

How do you make sulfur dioxide on alchemy classic?

Sulfur + Oxygen = Sulfur Dioxide

Is sulphur dioxide the same as sulphur?

No, sulfur is an element and sulfur dioxide is a gaseous compound. Sulfur dioxide is the combustion product of sulfur in an oxygen atmosphere (S+O2 --> SO2) Where sulfur is an element, sulfur dioxide is a compound and where sulfur is an insoluble yellow solid, sulfur dioxide is a colorless soluble gas.

Is sulfur dioxide part of carbon dioxide?

No. Sulfur dioxide is sulfur and oxygen. Carbon dioxide is carbon and oxygen. They are two different substances.

Majority of sulfur dioxide produced by industry comes from what source?

coal-burning power plants