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We should not drive ,we should better ride a bike or walk , to minimise air pollution.

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Q: What should car drivers do to minimise air pollution?
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How can you minimise the effects off air pollution?

burnings of fuels should be stopped

what should drivers do to prevent from air pollution?

their are many ways to prevent air pollutionfirst is to keep your environment clean and do not keep your environment dirty.

Where the air pollution pump is located on a Chevy Trailblazer?

the air pump on 2005 trailblazer is located on the frame rail on the drivers side .by the drivers door

What should developed countries do about air pollution if anthings?

Developed countries should worry about the air pollution more. They should try to minimize the pollutants releasing into the air.

Write report on pollution of air and water?

To write a report on pollution of air and water, you should discuss the harmful impact of pollution. Discuss what causes pollution, and also how to help reduce pollution.

How can you write a speech on air pollution in hindi?

A speech on air pollution should focus on the things that are causing the pollution, such as car exhaust and factory emissions. To write it in Hindi, the student should know the language.

How can you make air pollution free?

We cannot make air pollution free. But we can reduce it by taking necessary steps. IF we want to make air pollution free our technology development should be curtailed but we can reduce it..

What is air pollution and WHAT ARE the types of air pollution?

air pollution is a ecological balance

Which ointment should we use to avoid sun and pollution-?

To avoid air pollution, and effects of direct exposure to the sun,we should use sun screen ointments that are equally scentless.

What is the difference between air pollution and pollution?

air pollution is related to air specialy but in pollution we include all type of pollution like water , noise, air pollution

You want 10 slogans on need to control air pollution?

If you want that our future generation should enjoy the pure air of the environment then there is a need to control air pollution...............

Where is the most air pollution?

air pollution travels in the air