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i don't know everyone but i know chad muska chad timtim mike vallely and bam margera

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To name a monatomic anion change the suffix of the element's name to

The electron geometry of a water molecule is even though the molecular geometry is bent

Is Dihydrogen monoxide an example of a nonpolar molecule

The number of pairs of electrons in a covalent bond equals the bond order

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Q: What skaters are on element skate team?
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Where do pond skaters live?

In pond skater village.

Can you skate at 30 degrees C?


Is F2 an element or a compound?


An element that decays to another element over a period of time is?

A property of that element. An unstable element. A radioactive element

List earth names for the 30 alien elements in order of atomic number?

technetium -- Tc -- element 43prometheum -- Pm -- element 61{polonium -- Po -- element 84}astatine -- At -- element 85{radon -- Rn -- element 86}francium -- Fr -- element 87{radium -- Ra -- element 88}{actinium --Ac -- element 89}{protactinium -- Pa -- element 91}neptunium -- Np -- element 93plutonium -- Pu -- element 94americium -- Am -- element 95curium -- Cm -- element 96berkelium -- Bk -- element 97californium -- Cf -- element 98einsteinium -- Es -- element 99fermium -- Fm -- element 100mendelevium -- Mv -- element 101nobelium -- No -- element 102lawrencium -- Lr -- element 103 (originally the symbol for this element was Lw)rutherfordium -- Rf -- element 104dubnium -- Db -- element 105seaborgium -- Sg -- element 106bohrium -- Bh -- element 107hassium -- Hs -- element 108meitnerium -- Mt -- element 109darmstadtium -- Ds -- element 110roentgenium -- Rg -- element 111copernicium -- Cn -- element 112flerovium -- Fl -- element 114livermorium -- Lv -- element 116These are the "English names" rather than the "earth names".The elements in braces {} do not necessarily count as "alien" because they are present on Earth in small quantities.There have been recent claims for the preparation of elements 113, 117, and 118,but so far they have not been endorsed or named by IUPAC.

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