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It is a main sequence star of class M. It can range in size form 0.08 to 0.45 solar masses, and a radius of less than 0.7 times that of the sun. A majority (76%) of main sequence stars belong to this category.

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Q: What star has a temperature in the 3000 degrees?
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What is the temperature of the proxima centuari star?

According to Wikipedia - approximately 3000 degrees Celsius.

What is the surface temperature of eta piscium?

The surface temperature of Eta Piscium, the constellation Pisces' brightest star, is about 4930 Kelvin, or just a bit under 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Color of star with temperature of 3000 Celsius?


What is the temperature of a star when it dies?

The temperature of the star when it dies is 350 degrees celsius

What is the color of stars that have a surface temperature of 3000 degrees celsius?


What is the maximum average temperature in Germany in July?

3000 degrees C

What is the temperature of a star in Fahrenheit?

a red star is 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit and 3,038 degrees Celsius

What is the temperature of the anthenosphere?

The temperature of athenosphere is approximately 1600 degrees Celsius. However, it normally varies between?æ1300 to 3000 degrees Celsius depending on the temperature of the core.

What is the temperature of the Acamar star?

About 7900 degrees Celsius, surface temperature.

One star is reddish and another is bluish Do you know anything about the relative temperatures of the two stars?

The color of a star is a good indicator of it's temperature. Red Dwarfs are the coolest of stars glowing at about 3000 degrees kelvin and blue giants shine at 60,000 degrees kelvin.

What is the temperature of a star procyon?

The surface temperature (of the main component of this binary star) is about 6300 degrees Celsius.

What is the temperature of the coolest star?

3,038 degrees Celsius ( 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit)