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there are no names for storms in the rainforest . this is a tipical day

  • sun rises at 6.00 am every day ( 12 hours of day light )

  • by 9.00 am the temperature reaches 25 degrees . At this time of day water starts to evaporate .

  • By midday temperature reaches 33 degrees . The sun would be over head and there is even more evaporation.

  • At 2.00 pm there are clouds in the sky (cumulonimbus )

  • at 3.00pm the storm starts , lightening and thunder

  • 5.00 pm storm ends and clouds begin to break up

  • 6.00 pm sun sets ; the night is clean and calm

Everyday it is the same the weather is really predictable .

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Q: What storms are there in the rainforest?
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