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The written statement that shows a chemical reaction is called an "equation". The representation of each reactant is called its chemical formula.

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-A chemical equation

A chemical equation tells the story of a chemical reaction.

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Chemical Equation

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Q: What tells the story of a chemical reaction?
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What is the fastest chemical reaction?

My Chemistry lecturer tells me that the combustion of Hydrogen and Oxygen into water is the fastest chemical reaction.

In a chemical reaction the left side of the equation which tells you what goes into the reaction are called the?

Products. Products ----> Reactants.

In a chemical reaction what tells you how many atoms or molecules of a reactant or a product take part in a reaction?

A subscript

What tells reactants products physical state and proportions of each substance in a chemical reaction?

A chemical equation

What does the law of conservation of mass tell about the mass of a reactants and products in a reaction before a chemical reaction and the ass of the products of the mass of products after a chemical?

The law of conservation of mass tells us that the mass of the products will equal the mass of the reactants in a chemical reaction.

What is Charles reaction to the story that mama tells about the horse?

When Charles hears his mama tell the story about the horse, his reaction is a very emotional one. However, he hides it from his mother.

The number that tells how many molecules of a particular substance take part in a chemical reaction is?

In a balanced equation for the reaction, the coefficient appearing immediately before the formula for a reactant describes the number of moles of that reactant involved in the reaction shown by the equation.

What information does the coefficient provide in a chemical reaction?

It tells you the number of molecules or number of moles of each substance.

What is the purpose of writing a word equation in chemistry?

It is one way of representing a chemical reaction: it tells you what reacts and what is produced. Word equations are an efficient way to describe chemical changes, to help chemists recognize patterns, and to predict the products of a chemical reaction.

What does a word equation or a chemical reaction tell you?

I think that a chemical equation tells a chemist that substances you start with and substances you end with

What is the reactant of 10.0 grams of total mass What is the chemical reaction?

It is possible to have ten grams of anything. Specifying the total weight tells you nothing about which reactant you have or what reaction it will undergo.

What do the formula of a chemical equation tell you?

Chemicals equations use chemical formulas and other symbols instead of words to summarize a reaction.