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put your hand under cold runing water

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2012-07-03 18:59:53
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Q: What to do if you burn your hand?
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If you burn your hand at 5905 degrees Fahrenheit what would it do to your hand?

Your flesh will simply burn off your skin and it will not be cured.It would also effect you in other activities such as cleansing,or other hand to object contact.It will also burn worse if you blow on the infected wound.Did I mention if you ever burn your hand at 5,905 degrees your muscles(if you have any) will burn as well and your bones will be exposed.

Why when a hand burn the hand become white?

Because the hand is burning down to Carbon, which is white

What is the acid that will burn your hand?

chloride acid

What happens when you put salt on your hand and rub ice on it?

It will burn ur hand

Should you prick burn blister on palm of hand?


What do you do when you burn your hand with hot water?

It depends how bad the burn is. Always put your hand in cold water immediately. Polysporin is really good to put on it too.

What should you put on a hot soup burn when you burn your hand?

Lots of cold water as quickly as possible.

What do i treat a burn on my hand with?

In order to treat a burn on your hand it is important to know what type of burn it is. A superficial burn (known as a first degree burn) should be placed under cool running water. A partial-thickness burn (known as a second degree burn) will typically blister and should be submerged in cool water. A full-thickness burn (known as a third degree burn) is a serious medical condition and 911 should be called.

Is burning an adjective?

Burns is a noun (plural of burn) and a verb (3rd person singular form of burn), but it is not an adjective.

What to do when you get a burn?

put hand in cold water or put ice on it

Will lava burn your hand if you touch it?

Yes..... It's hot.

Why does hand sanitizer burn?

Because it's alcohol based but it shouldn't burn unless the skin on your hands is damaged!..

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