What two plates are colliding?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What two plates are colliding?
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Which two tectonic plates are colliding causing the rise of the Andes Mountains?

The Nazca and the South American plates are colliding forming the Andes Mountain.

What created the Himalayan mountains?

Two tectonic plates colliding .

What is the term for two plates that are colliding?

convergent plate boundaries

What tectonic plates are colliding?

The movement or action of the plate determines what type it is. When two plates collide, they are creating a convergent boundary. Therefore you could state that they are convergent (or colliding) tectonic plates.

Convergent boundaries can be divided into 3 categories what are these categories and what geological feature are created by each?

The categories are a continental and a continental plate colliding, continental and oceanic plates colliding, and oceanic and oceanic plates colliding. The two continental plates form mountains. The continental and oceanic plated colliding cause subduction zones and volcanoes. Oceanic and oceanic plates colliding form a trench.

What do colliding plates cause?

Colliding plates cause mountain ranges to grow.

Which of the following created the Himalayan Mountains?

two tectonic plates colliding

Do colliding plates cause earthquakes?

Actually colliding plates cause earthquakes

What is colliding boundary?

these boundaries are formed when two plates collide. When the two plate bump one plate is absorbed in the mantle of the other. Heat and pressure when these plates collide causes volcanoes and earthquakes.

What causes the movement of plates?

colliding plates and

What is called when two plates collide and one pushes upwards?

Two plates colliding and one being pushed upwards is called subduction.

What occurs where plates with continental crust push together?

Two colliding continental plates will cause an uplift. An example would be the Indian sub-continent colliding with Asia creating the Himalaya mountains.