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An approximate value can be calculated by the following expression: Condensation Level (in feet) = [Surface Temperature(F) - Surface Dew Point Temperature(F)]*(1000/2.2) or Condensation Level (in meters) = [Surface Temperature(C) - Surface Dew Point Temperature(C)]*(200) Solution: Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate (DALR) => -5.5 F/1000 ft of altitude (-1C/100m) Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rate (SALR) => -3.3F/1000ft of altitude (-0.5C/100m) The SALR is not linear and varies with the initial surface temperature The Level of Condensation will occur at the altitude where the Air Temperature is equal to the Dew Point temperature at that altitude. Setting the two equations equal to each other will give an approximate value. TA: temperature at altitude; TS: temperature at surface; DA: dew point temperature at altitude; DS: dew point temperature at surface TA = TS-(5.5F/1000ft)*altitude or TS-(1C/100m)*altitude DA = DS-(3.3F/1000ft)*altitude or DS-(0.5C/100m)*altitude Setting TA = DA and rearranging quantities gives the equations given above The level of condensation derived by the above method will only yield an approximate value.

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Noctilucent cloud with the altitude of 47 to 53 miles

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no, a cloud docent mean condensation it is just an example

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the stratus cloud

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Q: What type of cloud has the lowest condensation level?
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