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You think probable to convection.

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Q: What type of heat transfer that causes the air to circulate and form such clouds is called .?
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What causes clouds to precipitate?

the rain and the clouds when there big

What causes cloud formation?

When water evaporates into vapor it makes clouds...

What causes most clouds to form?

the thing that causes most clouds to form was your mom sucker yegh she did

What are tall puffy clouds called?

They are called "cumulus" clouds, and sometimes are colloquially called "fair weather" clouds.

What are the Crucial to the formation of clouds in the atmosphere?

the transfer of heat and energy.

What causes thunder clouds condensation lighting or rain?

condensation creates thunder clouds.

Is it true that clusters of water cause clouds to be white?

no. water causes clouds to be gray

What type of clouds are somtimes called fair weather clouds?

These clouds are called nimbostratus,cumlus ,cumulonimbus

Sheet-shaped clouds are called?

They're called stratus clouds

What are fluffy cotton-like clouds called?

Such clouds are called cumulus.

What causes jupitars stripy appearance?


What type of high level clouds that is very thin and causes a halo effect around earths sun and moon is called?