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multi-celled organisms

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Q: What type of organisms dominated life during Precambrian time?
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What dominated in the Precambrian Era?

This era was dominated mainly by asteroids impact, crustal growth and simple life forms.

What were organisms that lived doing Precambrian time?

Animals that lived during the Precambrian times were single celled animals such as stromatolites,(blue-green algae).The earliest forms of invertebrae animals were also in the Late Precambrian.

What were the dominant animals in the preCambrian era?

The dominant organisms during the Precambrian include the proarticulatans, such as Dickinsonia, Yorgia, and Praecambridium which were a group of "air-mattress" organisms possibly related to modern day placozoans, rangeomorphs, such as Rangea, and Charnia, which were frond-shaped organisms that had bilateral to radial symmetries, and the trilobozoans, like Tribrachidium, which were disk-like organisms with a tri-radial symmetry, possibly related to cnidarians.The ancestral mollusk, Kimberellia, is found throughout Precambrian strata of the world.There were also sponges, and what have been interpreted as the polyps and medusae of cnidarians during the Precambrian, as well. Very primitive worms and arthropods appear at the very end of the Precambrian, as it transitions into the Cambrian period.

What did jellyfish eat during the precambrian time period?

Jellyfish were not even alive during the Precambrian era because only single-celled organisms lived.

There was no life on land during this era?

Precambrian Era

What are some important events that happened during the Precambrian era?

It is very empty and only single-celled organisms were present in the Precambrian era. No animals were living on land because of the poisonous gas in the air.

Why are more fossils found in the paleozoic era than in the precambrian era?

During the Precambrian times, life was mostly limited to single celled organisms. Life that was not single cellular didn't have any hard body part (like teeth, bones, shells, etc.) and so they weren't preserved.

Which example best describes life in the precambrian era?

During the late Precambrian, about 560 million years ago, the first confirmed macroscopic multicellular organisms appeared. Around 558 million years ago, the first mollusk, Kimberella,appeared in the fossil record.

What type of organisms dominated the earth for more than the first half of the history of life on earth?

Dinosaurs were the one who dominated the earth

What were the life forms in the precambrian era?

The Precambrian Era was the first emergence of complex, multicellular life forms on earth. Jellyfish and segmented worms were discovered to have lived during this time.

What kind of organism thrived during the Precambrian time?

Prokaryotes. They are single-celled organisms without a nucleus. They were the dominant life form then. They lived in the ocean and the earliest prokaryotes lived without oxygen.

What type of animal life dominated during this era?