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they occur at transform boundaries

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Q: What type of plate boundary do most earthquakes occur near to or along?
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What plate boundary do earthquakes occur?

Earthquakes occur at all plate boundaries.

Do most earthquakes and volcanoes occur within plates or along the boundaries of plates?

Earthquakes and volcanoes occur mostly near the convergent plate boundary.

Why would you not want to live along that plate edge?

Along plate edges is where a lot of earthquakes occur. If you were to live along a plate boundary you would be putting yourself in danger of an earthquake.

What kind of plate boundary is Pingvellir National Park located at?

It is divergent between the North American and Eurasian plates. Volcanoes and earthquakes do occur along the boundary.

Are earthquakes divergent convergent or transform?

Earthquakes occur at all three types of plate boundary.

Do earthquakes most often occur at faults that are away from plate boundary?

Earthquakes infrequently occur away from plate boundaries. Most earthquakes occur at plate boundaries because of the stress caused by the interacting plates.

What the importance of faults in natural hazards?

EARTHQUAKES - the sudden, intense shift along already formed fault cause earthquake to occur -earthquake occur around plate boundary where plate movement occur in the form of faulting

What type of plate boundary produces strong earthquakes?

Any type of plate boundary can cause an earthquake. That said, areas along convergent, divergent, and transform tectonic plate boundaries are the most likely places for earthquakes to occur.

What type of plate boundary are most earthquakes found at?

All three type of Earthquakes (Shallow-seated, Medium-seated and Deep-seated) occur only at the Convergent plate boundary. At divergent plate boundary we find mostly Shallow-seated Earthquakes only.

What happens to plates at a transform plate boundary?

earthquakes occur where there are transformed boundaries.

What is the least dangerous plate boundary?

According to scientific studies, the least dangerous plate boundary is the divergent boundary. Only moderate earthquakes occur in this type of boundary compared to convergent and transform plate boundaries.

What is interpolate earthquake?

Earthquakes that occur along plate boundaries