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Plutonic rocks, (Intrusive igneous rocks).

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Q: What type of rock can only form below earths surface?
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What type of rocks form when magma cools below earths surface?

Intrusive igneous rocks.

What type of rock can only form on or near earths surface?

Sedimentary rocks are the type of rocks that can only form on or very near Earth's surface. Sedimentary rocks form from weathering processes that occur on Earth's surface.

Can soil form below earth's surface?

No, only at the Earth's surface. However, one can find fossil soils that are in the rocks.

How much of earths surface is below sea level?

Well I'm not to sure about that, but 70% of the earth is water!And only 3% of all the water is fresh

When you are you closer to the Moon's surface or the earths core?

None, only the earths core is more closer, the moons surface is 37.000 Vertices from earth

What forms when molten material from beneath earth's surface cools but doesn't hardens?

Ingenious rocks form when molten material under the earths surface cools. Not only does the molten cool it does not harden.

Is it true that igneous rocks form only beneath earths surface?

It is not true. Extrusive rock forms on the surface from solidifying lava.

What is the only substance existing as solid liquid or gas at earths surface?


Is this true or false formed in the mantle molten material called lava cools to form minerals below earth's surface?

This is false. Molten material below earth's surface is known as magma. It is only known as lava once it has been erupted onto the surface.

Is there water on earths moon?

Yes, but only in solid form.

Why do you have seasons and what causes them?

The revolvtion is not the only answer also light rays hitting the earths surface

What type of mountains is the only one that is formed by adding new material to the earths surface?