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If carbon dioxide pollution is reduced then the accelerating greenhouse effect might slow and global warming would not be so much a threat.

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Q: What will happen if carbon dioxide pollution is reduced?
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What will happen to the concentration of RuBP and GP if the supply of carbon dioxide is reduced?

GP will be reduced as there will be less carbon dioxide to break down RuBP to form 2 shorter chain molecules.

What is likely to happen if the growth in the rate of emission of carbon dioxide is not reduced?

n nm n n

What happen when one molecule of carbon combines with two molecules of oxygen?

carbon dioxide is produced.

Why does carbon dioxide happen?

When you smoke, ride a vehicle, or use electricity, you let out carbon dioxide.

What would happen if people started burning less fossil fuel?

Our air quality would improve. Also, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air would be reduced.

What would happen if you kept on breathing in carbon dioxide?

There is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You have been breathing it in all your life.

What could happen to carbon dioxide if water temperatures rise?

Carbon dioxide is released from water at high temperature.

What will happen when one particle of carbon dioxide and 2 particles of oxygen?

Nothing, carbon dioxide and oxygen do NOT react.

What must happen for carbon dioxide to sublimate at a given pressure?

Energy must transfer to the carbon dioxide from its surroundings

What happen if you breath only with carbon dioxide?

you die

What would happen if carbon dioxide is not removed from your body?

you will die

What happen to atmospheric pressure of carbon dioxide when exhaled?

it disappears