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If the environment is unable to wash the CO2 from the atmosphere, the concentrations would rise. Eventually, animals could start to die if the plant life did not flourish to the point of balance.

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Q: What would happen to our carbon dioxide levels if you had to many animals in a biodome?
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Once carbon has been converted to food by plants what three things can happen to it?

1. Plants respire and carbon dioxide is. released at night. 2. Plants are eaten by animals and animals respire and carbon dioxide is released. 3. Plants and animals die and are decomposed. Decomposers release carbon dioxide from decaying matter into the air.

What changes will happen to carbon dioxide level on an island which has plants only and no animals?

u just go to hell

What would happen if plants produced carbon dioxide?

Life wouldn't exist because animals need oxygen.

What happen when one molecule of carbon combines with two molecules of oxygen?

carbon dioxide is produced.

Why does carbon dioxide happen?

When you smoke, ride a vehicle, or use electricity, you let out carbon dioxide.

What would happen if you kept on breathing in carbon dioxide?

There is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You have been breathing it in all your life.

What could happen to carbon dioxide if water temperatures rise?

Carbon dioxide is released from water at high temperature.

What will happen when one particle of carbon dioxide and 2 particles of oxygen?

Nothing, carbon dioxide and oxygen do NOT react.

What must happen for carbon dioxide to sublimate at a given pressure?

Energy must transfer to the carbon dioxide from its surroundings

What happen if you breath only with carbon dioxide?

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If the air had no carbon dioxide what would happen?

First, all of the plants and trees would die. Then all the animals, including humans; would die.

What would happen if carbon dioxide is not removed from your body?

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