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The rock formed by cooling a liquid rock after processing is called a crystal.

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Q: When a rock is formed by the process of cooling liquid rock it is called a?
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What is the colling process called?

The cooling process is called condensation. It is the process that happens when a gas cools and becomes a liquid.

What is the process of rapidly cooling hot metal in a cold liquid called?


What is heated liquid turned to gas called?

Evaporation is the process and the gas formed by liquid in heated condition is called vapours

To change gas to a liquid?

To turn a gas in to a liquid requires cooling or the removal of heat. This process is called liquefaction. Water vapor condenses into a liquid.

What is the change of matter from gas to liquid?

The change of state of matter from a gas to a liquid is called condensation.

What is liquid cooling to solid called?

A liquid cooling into a solid is called freezing or in more scientific terms solidification

If you turn liquid back to ice what is the name of this process?

It's called condensation when a gas turns back into a liquid

The transformation of a liquid to a gas that serves as a cooling process is?


What is disllation?

The action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating and cooling.

Which process will involve the most cooling?

liquid water into ice.

What is it called when a solid is formed?

When solid is formed from liquid, then it is called solidilification. solidification Liquid ------------------------> Solid

How is adiabatic cooling better than liquid cooling?

Adiabatic cooling happens when air cannot expand or compress. A liquid cooling system uses a special integrated pump, reservoir and a cold plate unit. The process for liquid cooling is long and complicated to fit in a small box. Check out Asetek where you can read the entire process and see a demonstration.