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Q: When a substance doesnt dissolve in water what is it said to be?
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Does silicon dioxide dissolve in water?

No, Silicon dioxide does not dissolve in water. Better said, much less than glass does (glass is solid solution of silicon dioxide and alkaline metal oxides)

What is the osmolarity of a solution that has 1 mole of glucose 1 mole of sodium and 1 mole of chloride?

Osmolarity is defined as the # of particles in solution.A rule to keep in mind is likes dissolve likes. So a covalently bonded substance like oil will only dissolve in a covalent solution. Same for polar substances etc.That said, glucose being covalent, will NOT dissolve in water, while the ionic compound NaCl will.The result is:Glucose --> GlucoseNaCl --> Na+ and Cl- (Both are ions)By the definition of osmolarity, glucose only produces 1 mol of particles, while NaCl produces 2. Those two numbers are their respective osmolarities.

An unknown compound dissolves in water but the solution does not conduct electricity?

If a compound dissolves into water and allows for the conductance of electrical current its said to be ionic and an electrolyte. Sodium chloride (NaCl) or table salt exhibits this property. Sugar is a compound that will dissolve in water but not conduct current. Sugar is not an electrolyte or ionic; rather a covalent molecule.

What is the definition of pure substances?

A pure substance is a substance that consists solely of the same atoms/molecules.So a volume of water that contains only H2O is a pure substance. A block of iron that contains only Fe atoms is pure substance. A pure substance can be composed of atoms or molecules as I said before BUT they have to be exactly the same.A substance that has constant chemical composition and characteristics

Why does vinegar dissolve calcium in bone?

Vinegar, which is a form of acetic acid (CH3COOH), eats away and dissolves the calcium in bones. By dissolve, I mean it ionizes the Calcium molecules so that they are free to break away. Note however that ingesting vinegar does not dissolve the bones, to do so, you would need to actually soak said bone in vinegar.

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