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When magma changes the composition of existing rock.

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Q: When do ores form in the process of contact metamorphism?
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How do ores form from contact metamorphism?

When Hot Magma comes into contact with existing rock.

What are some ways ores are formed?

Metallic ore deposits form after geothermal concentration. Then the structure collapses, the deposits settle until shifted by the teutonic plates. Metallic ore can be found anywhere however there are areac of concentration based on the former edged of bodies of water.

Does sulfur have ores?

yes , sulphur have ores. such ores are called sulphide ores. these sulphide ores are purified by the process called roasting. this is the process which involves heating with oxygen and then reducing into original metals. eg: copper sulphide, zinc sulphide, etc.

What is oxide ores?

Those ores which contain metal in the form of oxides are called as oxide ores.

What has the author IAkov Petrovich Baklaev written?

IAkov Petrovich Baklaev has written: 'Kontaktovo-metasomaticheskie mestorozhdeniia zheleza i medi na Urale' -- subject(s): Copper ores, Iron ores, Metamorphism (Geology)

How do ores form?

they are born

What is the plural form of ore?


What is three ores they form within cooling magma?

Pews such as chromium,nickel,and lead, pb, ores form within cooling

What is smelting process?

A process of melting and decomposing ores to separate the metals they contain.

What does smelting mean in science?

When great tempreture is given and the object in question changes state to liquid form.

Why are minerals mined only in those regions where they occur in the form of ores?

Minerals are mined only in region where they form in ores as the cost of extraction is very high.

Which process is the key concept behind smelting metals from ores?

Partial melting