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when fuels such as coal and gasoline are burned they release nitrogen into the air true or false

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Q: When fuels such as coal and gasoline are burned they release nitrogen into the air?
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When fuels such as coal and gas are burned what do they release?

Carbon dioxide and possibly oxides of sulphur, hydrogen and nitrogen.

What an advantage of minimizing pollution?

more fossils fuels like gasoline, can be burned

What are the pro's about fossil fuels?

fuels are burned to release the chemical energy

When fossil fuels are burned they release energy stored thousands of years ago?

When fossil fuels are burned, they release energy stored years ago.

What is needed for nitrogen oxides to be produced when hydrocarbon fuels are burned?

very high temperatures

How is carbon dioxide created?

when fuels such as coal and gasoline are burned.....therefore carbon dioxide is created

What environmental effects do fossil fuels have when burned?

They release oxygen.

What are three pollutants released into the air when fuels are burned?

Carbon dioxide, water vapour and nitrogen.

When fuels are burned they transfer energy what type of energy is in the fuel and what energy is it converted into when its burned?

The energy that is contained in a consumable fuel (like gasoline) is chemical energy. The energy that it is converted into when it is burned is heat energy.

How are fossil fuels related to air pollution and acid precipitation?

When fossil Fuels are burned, they release sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere causing air pollution. When these pollutants combine with water in the atmosphere, they form sulfuric acid and nitric acid, which makes acid precipitation.

Coal and gasoline are examples of .?

Fossil Fuels

When fuels are used how is energy transformed?

Fossil fuels can be burned to release the potential chemical energy stored millions of years ago.The process of burning fuels is called Combustion.