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when hydrogen chloride is dissolved in water to form hydrochloric acid, the hydrogen chloride turns to HCL subscript 38 because of the water molecules. i also believe that they change from clear to a misty green colour but it may just be the result of a dirty test tube.

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Q: When hydrogen chloride is dissolved in water to form hydrochloric acid what happens to the hydrogen chloride?
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What happens when dilute hydrochloric acid is added to magnesium?

Magnesium react easily with hydrochloric acid and magnesium chloride is obtained.

What happens when sodium reacts with hydrochloric acid?

it results in hydrogen gas and sodium chloride.

What happens if you react magnesium with hydrochloric acid?

magmesium chloride is formed and hydrogen gas is liberated.

What happens when you mix sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride is dissolved in water and dissociated in ions.

What happens when you mix sodium and hydrochloric aci?

Hydrogen is released and sodium chloride&sodium hydroxide remain in solution.

What happens when hydrochloric acid mixes with sodium hydrogen carbonate?

They react, producing sodium chloride, carbon dioxide, and water.

When strontium and hydrochloric acid combine what happens to the hydrogen?

They will form Hydrogen and Strontium Chloride. Strontium might give out radiation because it should be one of the reactivity series.

What happend when Sodium chloride reacts with hydrochloric acid?

Sodium Chloride is already a salt, and since Cl in the Hychloric acid is already a salt nothin happens, except hydrogen being produced. NaCL+HCL=NaCl and Hydrogen

What happens when you add Fe to hydrochloric acid?

Let's see. Assume iron II. Fe + 2HCl --> FeCl2 + H2 You get the products Iron (II) chloride ( ferrous chloride ) and hydrogen gas.

What happens when hydrochloric acid is added to zinc powder?

There is a vigorous and exothermic reaction. The hydrochloric acid and zinc react to produce zinc chloride and hydrogen gas. Large amounts of heat are also released.

What happens when you put aluminum shavings and hydrochloric acid together?

They react tor produce hydrogen gas and aluminum chloride. 6HCl + 2Al --> 2AlCl3 + 3H2

What happens when sodium chloride is mixed with hydrochloric acid?