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Snow falling from the sky is called snow.

THe act of snow falling is called snowing.

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Q: When snow is falling from the sky what is it called?
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What is a pieces of ice falling from the sky called?

Pieces of ice falling from clouds is called snow or hail.

Do snow fall from the sky or clouds?

Clouds. But technically it is falling from the sky, from clouds in the sky.

The process of water droplets or snow falling from the sky?


What is precipitatio?

precipitation is water falling from the sky, such as rain, sleet, hail, and snow

Water falling from the sky?

This is called precipitation. It can come as rain, snow, sleet, hail, or freezing rain.

How does snow work?

That was a quinny answer. Snow works by falling form the sky and it landing. If its cold the clouds will drop the rain and it will turn into snow on the way down>

What did you see up in the sky?

clouds or birds and maybe rain or snow falling or even hail

Why are meteors called falling stars?

They are called falling stars because the narrow streak of light looks as if a star is falling from the sky.

Ice falling from the sky is called this noun?


Balls of ice falling from the sky are called?


What is the snowiest desert?

Snow means (frozen) water falling from the sky. For something to be a desert, there has to be very little water falling from the sky. Which means that you don't really get many snowy deserts. Antarctic might fit the bill though. There's snow and ice on the ground, collected over millenia. But very little falling over each year.

How can a blizzard occur when snow is not falling?

It's possible to be in blizzard conditions from wind blowing fine powder-snow about, even though no snow is falling from the sky, as an analogue to a sand-storm. I believe a lot of Polar-regions blizzards are of this form.