Where can volcanoes occur?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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most volcanoes are located along the boundaries of plate tectonics.They may form at divergant boundaries and convergant boundaries.May form below plate tectonics
Most volcanoes are created by destructive plate tectonics at the convergence of the boundaries of two continental plates. As the plates collide and rise together they form a mountain over a hot spot (a place where underground lava-"magma"- collects), the volcano will erupt once the pressure rises to a certain level. The eruption can take the form of a small vent where smoke and steam are released, or it can be a huge eruption where lava is released along with soot, ash, and poisonous gases. These other products of an eruption often are what cause more harm to people than the lava.

A common location of these types of convergent/destructive plate boundaries is the "Pacific Ring of Fire", where about 75% of Earth's volcanoes are found.

Volcanoes can also occur at hot spots, such as at the areas of the Hawaiian islands and Yellowstone in America. This type of volcano forms when magma from the mantle rises to Earth's surface through a certain spot in the middle of the plate (i.e., the Pacific Plate for the Hawaiian Islands). This hot spot is situated beneath the center of the plate, and the volcano above moves with the plate as it moves, but the hot spot stays in place. This causes the original volcano to become extinct as its move cuts it off from its magma source. A new volcano will then form above the hot spot again. This process repeats as the plate moves and a string of volcanoes will dot the surface of the plate as the movement continues away from the hot spot.

Volcanoes usually occur where there are collision of the tectonic plates. There are 52 tectonic plates which either pull (gap and crack) or push (volcano). Volcanoes are actually tectonic plates which have magmas beneath their outer surface.
between two plate boundaries
Volcanoes typically are found at convergent boundaries and divergent boundaries, like the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Plate. Hot spots around the world account for the third place where volcanoes can occur.

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The top layer of the earth is made from plates. When two plates smash together, fire can come up from the center of the earth, and that is the fire and lava from a volcanic erupption. So overall, volcanic erruptions happen when two plates smash together!

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Volcanic eruptions are most likely to occur along a roughly horseshoe-shaped rim known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. This area which mostly borders the Pacific Ocean is characterised by high tectonic activity, and holds about 75% of the world's current active and dormant volcanoes. It is also where about 90% of earthquakes occur.

The Pacific Ring of Fire stretches from the Andes Mountains in South America, north along the coasts of western Central America and North America, west across the Aleutian trench to the Kamchatka Peninsula, Japan, South to the island of Taiwan, eastern Indonesia, the Philippines and through New Zealand.

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It can happen anytime anywere there isn't really an answer, though there is a few coutries which have volcanoes ;

Alaska Peninsula, United States

Aluetian Islands, United States

Ambae Island, Vanuatu

Ambrym Island, Vanuatu

Andaman Islands, India



Azores Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea

CCalifornia, United States


Canary Islands

Cape Verde

Central Islands, Vanuatu



Chuginadak, Alaska, United States


Cook Inlet, Alaska, United States

Costa Rica

DDemocratic Republic of Congo EEarth's Moon


El Salvador



FGGalapagos Islands, Ecuador

Grand Comore

Grand Comore Island, Indian ocean, Grand Comore



HHalmahera Arc, Indonesia

Hawaii, United States

Heimaey, IcelandTonga Islands, Tonga

Hokkaido, Japan


Island of Ometepe, Nicaragua




Izu Islands, Japan


Java, Indonesia

Jupiter's Moon

KKamchatka, Russia


Kurile Island, Russia

Kyushu, Japan

LLesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia


MMariana Islands, Central Pacific Ocean




Montserrat, West Indies New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea

New Zealand


OPapua New Guinea



Q RReunion Island, Indian Ocean


Ryukyu Islands, Japan Sangihe Islands, Indonesia

Saturn's Moon

Siau Island, Indonesia

Sicily, Italy

South Sandwich Islands

Southern Indian Ocean, Australia

Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sunda Strait, Indonesia

Sumatra, Indonesia




UUnited States VVanuatu


WWyoming, United States
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A volcano can take place anwhere's if there is a fracture in the ground. Like when two plates pull apart, something has to fill that space, so magma comes up there and dries forming new land. When they push together, sometimes magma will come up in the folds and be blown out the top.

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At convergent and divergent plate margins, and at hot spots in the mantle that melt through the crust.

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on the edge of plates and on the equator

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Q: Where can volcanoes occur?
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