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greek and latin greek and latin

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Q: Where did the word geology come from?
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Base word for geology?

it is................................................................................geology

What part of the word geology is the word root?

The word root in the word "geology" is "geo," which comes from the Greek word "ge," meaning "earth." "ology" in "geology" comes from the Greek word "logos," which means "study of."

Give you a sentence with the word geology?

Geology is the study of earth. We are learning about geology this year in school.

What is a geology word starting with y?

Yardang is a geology word. It is a sharp irregular ridge carved by the wind.

How was the word geology formed?

The word geology derived from the greek language. The part in geology that says geo, means earth or dirt, and logos means speech.

What is the base word of the word geology?


Is geology a verb?

No, geology is a noun, a word for the study of the structure of the earth and minerals.

How do you use the word geology in a sentence?

if it wasn't 4 geology our world would be so confused

What is the noun of geologist?

The word, geologist, derives from the central noun, geology. However, the word, geologist is a noun as it the person whose occupation is geology.

What word geology and chemistry combined?


How does the word atmosphere relate to geology?

because it does

What is the root of geology?

Geology comes from the Greek word gê meaning earth and logos meaning "speech".